All this drama

Are you in any drama? If not there is drama all around you and you just don’t know it. For example with me there is drama every day. Yesterday at lunch there was a fight because of a girl and the two people just kept egging each other on. A couple of weeks ago these two boys were fighting over who was better in fortinte. You also don’t know what’s going on with other people around you.

When your in drama you have to take some ignishitive and step up and be the bigger person. So the drama doesn’t have to keep going and not stop.  If it keeps going in the wrong direction it can go to the cops. I don’t think you will like getting in trouble by the cops.

Another example of drama are kids. When two parents break up and they don’t like eacother there are a lot of issues. For example who is going to keep the kid and who is going to have to pay for the kid. Then if you don’t like the decision that is made you go to court and it gets real. Court and is a very long process and money.

Today in Language arts We had to do a co-ed project about a book. I was with someone that I argue with a lot. When we started it took awhile for us to figure out what we were going with the streets. We finally agreed and finished with a little bit of time to go.

You should consider just working with the person that you argue with or don’t get along with. If you do that you might get pretty far in life and everything will be 10 times better. Especially with the teachers at my school they hate drama absolutely hate it.

In fact last week this girl didn’t like this other girl didn’t like a different girl because she did something to a good friend of a boy. The one girl who was mad went to the other girl and was about to fight her but the teacher didn’t let them. All of the drama was just about a boy.

Now that this is a different week there is more drama. The people who were fighting still don’t like each other but the boy one of them dated broke up with her. She saw it coming and she really didn’t care. Now the boy is single and so is the girl.

When I was watching Netflix there is a lot of drama on a season called Friday Night Tykes. It is where there is a youth football league that goes through Texas and is very competitive. In one of the games there was a dehydrated kid nd he was sitting on the bench and a coach didn’t know he was dehydrated and then he didn’t know.

Then the coach told him to get off the bench and he didn’t. The coach then pushed him off the bench and the kid got up and punched him in the face and they stared fighting. The coach was 40 years old the kid was was 10 years old it wasn’t right. The coach was already mad about them getting their butt kicked by the other team.

Some more drama was that some of the coaches didn’t like each other and they started to fight in front of the players then both of the coaches got suspended for the rest of the season and both of the teams sucked. Both of the coaches were the head coaches to.

Some different drama was two people got mad about a basketball player. Lebron James and Micheal Jordan who was better. The person who thought Lebron always is mad. He thinks he knows everything but he doesn’t.

Some more drama was There was this one kid who got beat up in front of a house beacuse the person didn’t like his hair cut. The teachers didn’t really do anything about it because there were a lot of different stoiries about it. The kid who got jumped didn’t tell anyone so nobody could do something about it.

This week had a whole bunch of drama these two girls got mad at each other because there were talking about each other and starting fighting at the movie theaters. They didn’t even know es other they saw eacother got mad and started fighting.

Also there were two kids that were in the bathroom and they didn’t like each other so they were about to fight hen a teacher saw them and stopped them. Drama in 7th and 8th grade is very crazy and it continues everyday.

There is this one new kid who gets picked on everyday because he doesn’t have a lot like everyone else and he is poor. He also doesn’t have the brains as everyone else so he really gets picked on. Someone once caught him doing something embarrassing so it was over.

There is another kid that is new and she has a hard time fitting in because a lot people talk about her nose being so big.They wouldnt like it if they were being picked if they were new and got picked on. She is nice but no body sits with her so she just stays by herself all the time.

I watched a Tv show that made me realize hard it is for poor people to fit in and them get bullied and what they do when they leave school. Life was so hard with them and there was so much drama in their life. If you are just having everyday drama and you have alot at home it isnt nothing compared to their drama

I watched another tv show about nothing but drama. A guy had two girlfriends and they didnt know about it. When he was at his house they both came at the same time and talked to eachother about and when they went in they found it was true. They asked him if he was cheating and his said yes and they started to fight over him and it went all bad.

Have you ever been in any drama that was so crazy that you got in so much trouble. Well that happened to my cousin. She was at a hotel party and boys came and she didn’t leave so she got in big trouble. Like her grounded her for a week.

Also it was the girl who party is was fault because she invited them and my cousin didn’t know. My cousin tried to explain that to her mom but she wouldn’t listen to her. That’s how mad her mom was. She couldn’t go no where for a very long time and she was not playing.

Drama drama drama you should really stay out of it because if you don’t you will be in a lot of trouble. I hope you enjoyed reading this and you liked it. I also hoped you learned something about drama.

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Another sunset drama

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